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Get your ideal smile with as low as SGD 317+ per month! Promo

Your remotely-monitored teeth straightening treatment comes with payment plans to suit your every needs! One-time payment or 6 months installment plan, you choose!
One Time Payment

SGD 1,800 Promo

Up front payment of SGD 1,800
3 Months installment payment

SGD 617/month Promo

Interest free payment
SGD 617 per month for 3 months
6 Months installment payment

SGD 317/month Promo

Interest free payment
SGD 317 per month for 6 months

What does the payment include:

Online Smile Assessment

Do your smile assessment to check if you are suitable to receive the treatment.


3D Intraoral Scan

Book an appointment with us and get your personalized treatment plan designed by orthodontist

SGD 150

Receive your clear aligners within 3 weeks

The box include everything that you need for the treatment!

SGD 1800

Remote Monitoring

We will always check in with you to track your progress!


Dr Clear Aligners VS. Other Provider

Clear aligners save you thousands of dollars compared to other alternatives. Choose the best for yourself!
Get top-tiered quality clear aligners and services with affordable price at Dr Clear Aligners.
Take your smile to the next level now.